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पुलिस अधीक्षक

Superintendent of Police (SP), also known as Deputy Commissioner in a Police Department, is a senior rank in the Indian Police Service (IPS) and of respective States’ State Police Service (SPS), and a senior level post of the police service. They wear a star and an Ashoka emblem on their epaulettes with ‘IPS’ or ‘SPS'(as in ‘MPS’ for Mizoram Police Service, ‘SPS’ for Sikkim Police Service) below. The larger and more important districts in India are headed by a senior superintendent of police (SSP), while smaller districts are headed by a Superintendent of Police (SP). The administration of a Police district is vested upon the SP.

It may be noted that Superintendent of Police is both a rank of the police service in India and a post of a police officer of this rank or higher. As such, even officers at the SSP rank are sometimes posted as Superintendent of Police of a District. In the state of Kerala, the Superintendent of Police (SP) who is in charge of a police district is referred to as the District Police Chief (DPC). However, in certain other states, the title District Superintendent of Police (SP) is more frequently used. In Kerala, the term District Police Chief is more prevalent

Roles and Responsibilities
The Superintendent of Police in India may be assigned various roles and responsibilities other than being the district police chief. They need to use their skills and expertise to ensure that law and order is maintained, and public safety is ensured in their assigned role. An SP may be appointed as the head of a unit or specialised wing in the police department. Such as head of telecommunication, motor transport, administration, special operations group, special investigation team, special cells, intelligence detachment, crime branch unit,etc. Commandants of various armed police battalions are officers of the rank of Superintendent of Police.

The post of the Superintendent of Police is the head of the police district of a State and the head of the District Executive Force (DEF). Each district of a State is a DEF. A Police District is an area within the state that is declared by notification by the State Government, after consulting with the Director General. The Superintendent of Police is in charge of the police administration in such district and may have the assistance of any number of Additional, Assistant or Deputy Superintendents, as notified and necessary. The District Executive Force is administratively under the overall supervision of District Superintendent of Police who works under the direct supervision of Dy. Inspector General of Police in charge of the Police range under which the district lies. There may be several sub-divisions under this which are headed by the Sub-Divisional Police Officer who is typically a relatively junior rank of the SPS and a probationary post among IPS officers. Sub-divisions may have a number of police stations and beat posts which are headed by an officer of the rank of Inspector of Police.

A typical small district may have the following establishments under the overall supervision of the SP –

Establishment & Account Branch
Reserve & Clothing Branch
Crime Branch
Motor Transport Branch
Prosecution Branch
Traffic Branch


Q Superintendent of Police Contact Number

0535-2202315 ( Office )

Q Additional SP Contact Number

9454401108 / 0535-2202315



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Q Women Power Line Call 1090


Q Child Line Help Call 1098


Q Fire Brigade

Call 101